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About Us

IND engineers is a Rotterdam born agency, located on the island of Curacao. Israël graduated at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences majoring in Construction Engineering, with a minor in Sustainability and Desirée graduated at The Hague University majoring in Architecture and Construction Engineering, with a minor in Architecture.


Our belief in sustainability stands for caring for the future. If we are kind to our world, minimize waste and preserve what we have, we are investing in our children’s future and the generations to come. We have learned that sustainability is much more than choosing certain materials and recycling. It is working with what you have at a location, respecting nature and creating designs which are relevant and beneficial.

Architecture is art. It is a creative way of building, to give a specific experience and feeling. Having different weather conditions makes it necessary for people to live indoors. However living indoors has to be much more than shielding from the weather. We believe buildings opened a new path of possibilities to create different experiences through design.


We both grew up with drawing and designing as our creative outlet and decided to join forces and harness our skills. Our passions for architecture, sustainability and the built environment led us to set up a business where we can serve the community. Together we have more than 10 years of experience and we are abreast with up to date and current innovations to give our clients the best service.

We are committed to excellence in every detail and every step of your journey to realizing your visions and dreams, as we use our creative skills to design your project.


Our main services consists of a free introductory consultation, an expert consultation and designing. On our 'Services' page you can learn more about these and what we can offer our clients. 


We look forward to working together.

Israël Schoonewolf and Desirée Schoonewolf.

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